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Happy Valentines

I’m so very happy.  I know you are too.                                                     (Please don’t look at my dick.)                                                                                          I painted this face on my belly for you.                                                                (I said, don’t look at my dick.)                                                                                           I hope you will like it.  I very much do.                                                         (What is it with you and my dick?)                                                                                  I love you so much, I really love you.                                                        (Really?  Again?  Are you sick?)

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My Robot Valentine

Jonny Bot 5 got horny and hot                                                                                 for a high fashion mannequin girl (who did NOT!).                              Classy and fine, Jonny loved her a lot,                                                              she turned up her nose…a high minded snot.                                                  He brought wild flow’rs by the bunch, by the pot,                                   tried candy, tried gems, read poems – what ROT!                                      But kindness in turn Jonny 5 never got,                                                           not an ounce, not a peck, not even a jot.                                                       Tried…..and tried ’till his brains were quite shot                                        until finally…Jonny went cold……and forgot.

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Merry Christmas

Twas quarter past Christmas.  We sat in despair.                                    The eviction notice was posted with care.                                                   No money for food, no money for rent,                                                       what little we saved for presents was spent.                                            Our jobs were in China, our taxes were due                                               and the kids would be up in an hour or two…

When what to my wondering eyes should appear                                  but a Holiday Clown with a menacing sneer.                                                He carried a hammer, already slick,                                                                with the juice of that jolly elitist, Saint Nick.                                             And he gave us a satchel of presents and cash                                        that was meant for a gaggle of rich little brats.                                        And he said with a laugh as he strode out of sight,                         “Merry Christmas to ALL…..and to all a good night!”

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Seasons Greetings

Clowns for Christmas?                                                                                      Fingers with Faces?                                                                                          Expecting reindeer and elves?                                                                          Think that’s weird,                                                                                                           go find a mirror                                                                                                              and take a good look                                                                                                       at yourselves!

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Happy Holidays

Lester the Jester threw up his supper,                                                   emerging instead as a fool named Skupper                                                  who gagged on his guts as they spilled from his gob                                      expelling another named Bob,                                                                             who horked up a loogie of phlegm and bile,                                                        appearing at last as a Jester named Lyle                                                               who stuck out his tongue and said with a leer                                             “Happy Christmas to all and a Merry New Year.”

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