Merry Christmas

Twas quarter past Christmas.  We sat in despair.                                    The eviction notice was posted with care.                                                   No money for food, no money for rent,                                                       what little we saved for presents was spent.                                            Our jobs were in China, our taxes were due                                               and the kids would be up in an hour or two…

When what to my wondering eyes should appear                                  but a Holiday Clown with a menacing sneer.                                                He carried a hammer, already slick,                                                                with the juice of that jolly elitist, Saint Nick.                                             And he gave us a satchel of presents and cash                                        that was meant for a gaggle of rich little brats.                                        And he said with a laugh as he strode out of sight,                         “Merry Christmas to ALL…..and to all a good night!”

***This is the third in a set of 3 new snarky Christmas cards we posted at our EEWbooks Etsy store.  We usually sell these for $4.99 each, at the book fests and comic cons, but you can get the set 3 for $12.00.  Use the link above to our site and hit the Etsy link.  Buy lots of them for…..stuff.  Thanks.   -Marsha

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