Spatter The Clown

spatter-the-clown-67Spatter the Clown was feeling glum.                                                                   He’d had a really bad day.                                                                                           He lost his job.  His car got towed.                                                                         His wife turned out to be gay.                                                                                   He walked the streets a homeless drunk.                                                          “Nobody loves me!” he said.                                                                                      So he stuck a handgun into his ear                                                                            and blew out the side of his head.                                                                             That’s when he had a funny thought….. 

***This is an image from my newest book, ‘Marsha Mellow’s Creepy Clown Coloring Book’ and a poem from ‘Bludgeon the Clown’ which I am currently preparing for publication in the spring.  I’ve often said that this is not a political blog…and this time I really mean it.  There is no connection to the recent election of our latest worst president and the state of mind of the electorate…not political.  -Marsha  

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