Jiggy the Clown

Jiggy the Clown-68Jiggy the Clown was spotted one day                                                                  tasting forbidden fruit,                                                                                               dancing around wearing nothing at all                                                                except for a business suit.                                                                                           They raided his place and chased him down                                                  ’till Jiggy was out of breath,                                                                                        then bound and twisted his guilt and shame                                                 and hanged poor Jiggy to death. 

***Hooray!  Its inauguration week.  We’ll soon swear in the next worst president…ever.  I don’t need to be cynical, its not as if this hasn’t been percolating now for decades.  Anybody who takes an honest look at history will tell you (if you can stand to listen).  The real question is: What are you going to do now?  -Marsha 

One thought on “Jiggy the Clown”

  1. Buy stock in pitch forks and torchs; there’s gonna be a lot of protesting in the near future.

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