Zig-Zag the Clown has a wonderful wife,                                                          the kindest, most generous partner for life.                                                She’s slender and lovely and cooks like a saint,                                            the perfect companion without a complaint…                                        Except when he comes home at quarter to four,                              smelling of booze and the funk of a whore!                                              That’s when Pandora, his wife, has a FIT!                                                    …and her perfect composure slips, just a bit.

***This rough drawing of Pandora is featured as a finished, full page, full color illustration in our book, “Bludgeon the Clown.”  Find it, filled with over 100 other illustrations (most of which you will NOT find here or anywhere online) at   -Marsha

***I revised the image for this post to the final art, so only people who come to this blog can see it.  We only post a limited amount of art and material from each book (15-20%) so the people who buy them get the privilege of exclusive original material.  We’re not concerned about going a little over the limit here because hardly anybody visits and blogs are pretty much obsolete anyway.  -Marsha

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