The Hobo

 Book Excerpt


This poor, pathetic fellow has fallen completely out of favor with the public since the death of the American dream.  The hobo, once a celebrated icon of pop culture, is now despised by people taking heavy losses in the corporate class war and the ever widening income gap.  Too many people, who have fallen short of their parent’s success and have no hope for their own children, already resemble hobos…and don’t think they’re funny any more.  These days it is illegal for them to appear in public in many American cities.

***Yes, this is the next in a series of pages that were eliminated from the ‘Introduction’ my new book, “Bludgeon the Clown,” by the publisher.  It was a perfectly good illustration and blurb, but its point and purpose in the book was better illustrated with better material…I can hardly wait to show you.  Meanwhile, I can only share the juicy rejects…  Next week: The Jester.  -Marsha

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