Tommy The Clown

Tommy the Clown got sliced in half,                                                                      to expose his charm and wit                                                                                       but all I could see as he came apart                                                                    was maggoty chunks of shit. 

***It’s just that kind of week…John’s brother’s wife died on Saturday, his other brother is coming up from Florida to stay for the funeral on Thursday.  His two youngest sons graduate high school on Friday, his mother is coming in from Utah to stay for that – as well as his middle son’s birthday and his oldest son’s college graduation… AND one of his cars was in a fender-bender this morning while he was getting his youngest son back to school after a face breaking concussion and recovery.  Glad I’m not him.  On the bright side, all I have to do is continue working on our new book – which is nothing but hours and hours and hours of fun… -Marsha

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