Suspected Clowns


Skippy the Jester came with a grunt.                                                                   Leopold came with a smile.                                                                                            Pat came juggling big squishy balls                                                                         in a highly provocative style. 

Montalban came in his polka dots.                                                                     Willy came wearing a dress.                                                                                          Mimsy came bouncing and shaking in white                                                      but left an absolute mess.  

Timothy came in a Santa suit.                                                                                       Bob came dressed as a cop,                                                                                            shoving his night stick in everyone’s face                                                             and no one could make him stop.

Bill the Mime came with Sissy the Clown.                                                        Do they come any weirder?…..Please!                                                              But when the guy with the camera came,                                                     they all came in close and said: “CHEESE!!”

***This post was originally published back in June last year…but I did a reuse because John read this poem, along with two others, at the art opening on Saturday (I was too nervous to do it).  The show, ‘Art & Poetry HA HA!’ at The Rectangle Gallery was fantastic and very funny.  It was a poetry reading followed by a reception for the visual art show – the kind of show that could change the mind of any poetry hater.  All the art was great and we got to meet a few of the other artists.  We really should do more of them.  There are pictures posted up at   -Marsha

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