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Belly Button


Toby had a belly button…a freakish big red one right in the center…and he was threatening to use it, too.  He showed up at the White House during a political fundraiser demanding an audience and got laughed out of the place.  Fox News picked up on the incident and made a giant “News Alert” stink, convincing their entire dull eyed, drooling American television audience that he was legit – and that he’d press the button and unleash the demons of nuclear hell (or whatever) if they didn’t do what he said.

Well, that was it.  The world ended as we knew it (and it really backfired on Fox who figured he was their puppet).  Toby brought an end to all wars and banned usury (which pretty much ruined capitalism).  He stopped fossil fuel use and forced everybody to respect the environment…and that was just for starters.  And every time he rested his pudgy finger on that big red button, the world went into a panic.  He bullied everybody on Earth into being….. better…OR ELSE!!!

Huh!  Wish I had thought of that.

***Is Toby a terrorist?  Yeah, technically.  Is he a “bad guy”?  Well, not in two paragraphs…but power goes hand in hand with corruption and tyranny, so it’ll get there eventually…it always does.  On a happier note, we have advance copies of our new book “Marsha Mellow’s Blue-ish Freaks”.  We’re already selling them to friends, let us know if you’re interested and can’t wait for the new website (w/ paypal) to get one.  -Marsha