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Making “Speech”

making-speech-54      Oh no!  What are they doing?  Are they going to talk now or…?   Oh god!  They’re about to make…..”SPEECH!”  Oh, eeeeeew, its all over the podium, it even smells like speech.

Every time these political types get up in front of people, they speech and they speech and they speech, incessantly.  Its the worst, the nastiest – sloppiest speech you ever heard.  Like a big steaming pile of drunken speech stumbling about, speeching its filth everywhere.

Oh well, I guess its a sign of the times…but just look at the crowd gathering, its sickening – and they love it.  Ooooh, now they’re spraying the stage with raw speech, projecting hot, sleazy speech all over everybody…..as they bath in it with relish.  Oh, the humanity!  And no matter how I try to avoid it, I end up covered in it too.  It spatters my shoes, my clothes and gushes painfully from my ears.

I thought it might be different this time around.  I thought we all might have a good healthy discussion like civilized people…..but all we got is more “speech”.

***Was that another clusterfuck debate on Sunday?  Is there ANY intelligent person willing to vote for one of those two assholes?  My god…we are soooooo screwed…..  Meanwhile, Our image is from our wonderful new coloring book, which you can buy on our EEWbooks Etsy store/site.  Here’s the link…  https://www.etsy.com/shop/EEWbooks?ref=hdr_shop_menu   -Marsha

Master Debater


What a lovely outing! It was a gorgeous day in America, strolling about in broad daylight was so uncommon for HIM that he was exhilarated to the point of giddiness.

As an unconventional fellow with such an unusual profession and an incredibly off-putting appearance, it was downright strange to pass through so many ‘normal’ social situations, this wonderful day, with little notice – with barely a sideways glance from the people he encountered.  To be sure, he certainly enjoyed the tremendous effect he’d always had on people in ages past.  It amused him to no end to see them faint, scream, flee in horror – even die on the spot…..but today, not even the sight of Lucifer, The Devil himself, phased these modern Americans, so jaded and broken.

They actually applauded him as he made his way to the stage to moderate this season’s first presidential debate.  He marveled at their cognitive dissonance, knowing how completely screwed they will all be, no matter which of THESE candidates win…..and to think, he didn’t even pick them this time.  They did that aaaaalll by themselves.

***I spotted him coming out of the debate with a forlorn look of such profound disappointment, I thought he was going to cry.  Our eyes met for a second and I knew exactly how he felt…because I felt it too. 

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