Now That He’s Dead…


Now that he’s dead we can mess with his shit.                                             We can dance really loud. We can holler and spit.

We can carry him ’round. We can make him look silly,                     dressing him up in girly-girl frilly.

We can poke out his eyes, We can cut off his nose,                              twist-off and break all his fingers and toes.

Now that he’s dead we can draw on his skin.                                                We can give him a Clown face – a big stupid grin.

We can hang him outside for the vultures and beetles,                          can shave his whole head and poke it with needles.

We can stuff him or shred him or chop him in chunks,                          then cook him and feed him to hobos and drunks.

Now that he’s dead he’s starting to rot.                                                   Should we bury him now…or not?

But where is the joy? Where’s all the whimsy?                                   There’s plenty to do while the corpse is still flimsy.

And when he goes stiff and gives off a smell,                                              we’ll set him on fire and send him to hell.

He can’t hurt us now. It’s over and done,                                                           so now that he’s dead…..let’s have FUN!!

***No one is in mourning – not really.  No decent, intelligent person is sorry he’s dead (but keep an eye on the ones who express their “regrets and condolences” for such a dangerous sociopath).  It will take generations to undo the damage he’s done to us all – IF we survive it.  And if you still believe anything they tell you officially, “he died in his sleep.”  The rest of us can only hope they’re lying as usual. Although, assassinating someone (even if we think they deserve it) is still illegal…at least it WAS illegal (before HE came along).  -Marsha

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