There once was a Clown who fell in his glass                                              who went by the name of Mulligan.                                                                      He drank it all down before he passed…                                                           but when he woke up it was full again.

***The thing to understand about Clowns here, is that they can transmute their body fluids.  I met one fellow who could drink lemonade and piss grape soda.  Another Clown turned red wine into pure maple syrup.  Some can do different flavors depending on their mood.  Mulligan usually pissed single malt whiskey when he was feeling sassy but could only manage a weak mimosa when he was glum.  Clowns are SO fascinating…  I even saw one cheeky freak squeeze cherry ice cubes from vodka…OUCH!!!  -Marsha

2 thoughts on “Mulligan”

  1. Madelyn, thanks for asking. You CAN buy tiny Clown people. I’ll e-mail you the link (its not legal of course). We actually bought Mulligan from a bar tender in Walla-Walla for the price of his outstanding bar tab. They’re easy to care for – don’t eat much but drink like my uncle Alphonse and they never leave their glass. Thing is, no matter how amusing it seems, don’t ever accidentally swallow one….OMG, I was like a human volcano for a solid week. Destroyed my privy. And, when the smirky little bastard finally came out the other end – there were two of them!

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